Birgit Holtermann was born in 1960 in Stuttgart and has lived, worked and studied in Munich, Amsterdam, and San Francisco, before moving to Oslo in 1988. She now divides her time between Oslo and Munich.


She mostly works with Photography as a medium but, running parallel to this; she has always produced works on paper and in other media.  


Birgit is keenly interested in European history and is searching for connections in art. In her photography, she looks past the obvious, observes her surroundings and discovers unusual constellations. She deconstructs and reconstructs, is capturing light and spaces, relations and history.



Contact for more information, studio visits and/or additional information on the artwork.



Birgit Holtermann

+47 91 18 70 66


Studio Address:

Atelier Vøyenenga

Ringeriksveien 175

1339 Vøyenenga



Holtermann AS, Org. Nr. 985.374.279